There are several Celtic-themed events around the Northern Virginia area, and we're at most of them. Look for us in kilts and McBailey shirts!

We recently had the good fortune to play a round of golf kilted - a few pictures are here.

We're not professional cigar smokers, just casual, once or twice a week smokers. We've had enough to have a few favorites, and we'll post reviews on this web site. If you're interested, we'll have you post your cigar reviews.

Would you be interested in attending a cigar "event"? We working on throwing a few themed cigars nights at a location in Northern Virginia. When we finalize the details, we'll post the invitation here.

While we'd love to be like, we don't quite have those resources. From time to time, we do run across a car that we really like, and we'll usually buy it to play with for a while. When we're done, we'll sell it here.


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